Lean Out $35

This shot includes MIC, l-carnitine, B1, B5 and B12. MIC is commonly used for fat metabolism. It has been shown to work on liver metabolism as well. This cocktail provides a quick and efficient way to get fat burner vitamins directly into the body. The MIC helps work on fatty liver as well as burning fat off the body. Energy metabolism is increased with B1, B5 and B12. The l-carnitine increases fat loss as well.

Methionine – Methionine regulates the metabolic processes, the innate immune system, and digestive functioning in humans. It also works on lipid metabolism. It activated antioxidant enzymes, decreases DNA damage and potentially carinogenic processes (Martínez).
Inositol - Inositol supplementation may result in reduction in triglycerides, total- and LDL-cholesterol levels. It also lowers the fat around the liver (Tabrizi).
Choline – Choline has been found to rapidly reduce body mass without any changes to strength. Also, choline has been found to be heLean lpful in fatty liver disease. Choline may also increase cognitive function (Elsawy).
l-carnitine – Studies have shown that using this amino acid can lead to increased muscle mass. It also decreases body weight and reduced physical and mental fatigue. It could help prevent age-associated muscle protein breakdown and work at helping the mitochondria perform better (Fielding).
B1 (thiamine) – this B vitamin is useful in glucose metabolism, heart failure, diabetes, pain-associated disease processes and neurodegenerative conditions (Małecka).
B5 (pantothenic acid) – Wound healing has been found to be increased with this vitamin. Anti-microbial effects have also been seen with pantothenic acid. It improves wound healing post surgery. Studies have shown that when there is a deficiency in B5, reduced cortisol production can occur as well as an increase in pain from arthritis, fatigue, depression and insomnia. It is useful as an anti-inflammatory (Gheita).
B12 – This essential vitamin is useful for metabolism, energy, fat loss, and suppressing the appetite. It is commonly touted as a great way to get extra energy (Wolffenbuttel).

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