Pentosan Polysulfate

Pentosan is quite an amazing anti-inflammatory that can be used in cases of osteoarthritis as a weekly therapy. Studies have shown that it can it can help increase cartilage is osteoarthritis joints. It has reduced pain an inflammation in osteoarthritis patients (Kumagai). It also works on infectious arthritis, which has been found more frequently in the united states in the last decade (Herrero). Significant improvement has been found in osteoarthritis. This has been found to be a potent anti-inflammatory agent as well that can be used to bring down inflammation (Ghosh).

Helps with:
-       Inhibits metalloprotenase which are all about degradation of tissue
-       Potential anti-cancer agent
-       Reduce pain and inflammation with osteoarthritis
-       Works on kidneys to preserve kidney function
-       May prevent kidney stones
-       Works on innate and adaptive side of the Th2 cytokines
-       Nasal pentosan may help rhinitis, chronic sinusitis, and allergic sinusitis

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