Poly-MVA - $250

Boost brain performance with this IV designed to jump start the mitochondria. The IV is packed with Poly-MVA. Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (LMAC) is the active ingredient found in Poly-MVA. The formula used in Poly-MVA includes minerals, vitamins and amino acids such as molybdenum, rhodium, ruthenium, thiamine, riboflavin, cyancobalamin, acetyl cysteine, and formyl methionine. This formula donates electrons to DNA utilizing the mitochondria. DNA constantly is losing electrons due to oxidative damage. The increase electron transfer leads to more energy that can be harnessed by normal cells. Healthy cells with lots of oxygenation benefit from this increased electron transport.

LMAC works as a potent reactive oxygen species (ROS) modifier. It can quelch the ROS production and works as a potent anti-oxidant. The formula can be used to help increase mitochondria energy and neurological diseases.

Poly MVA has been found to be 4 times stronger than alpha lipoic acid (ALA) alone. The question arises “why consider Poly-MVA over ALA in a metabolic therapy?” The IV form of ALA is a slower dose escalation of ALA due to potential side effects. Additionally while ALA has some cancer metabolism effect, ALA does not have the potential metabolic benefits of Poly-MVA. This means that Poly-MVA has been chosen as the neuroprotective and mitochondrial agent over ALA.

Helps with:
-       Mitochondrial energy
-       Heart damage
-       Neuroprotective
-       Neurological conditions
-       Increases Glutathione levels
-       Increases effect of Vitamin C
-       Chelates: Mercury, Arsenic, and cadmium
-       Improves Peripheral neuropathy in diabetics
-       Peripheral vascular disease
-       Glaucoma
-       Multiple sclerosis (myelin sheath protection)
-       Hepatitis C
-       HIV
-       Prevents radiation damage