Tesamorelin is a growth hormone releasing hormone  that has been used for body composition. Currently it is the most effective growth hormone releasing peptide on the market. It has several potential benefits over the use of any other growth hormone releasing hormone currently available. It is much better for body composition. Tesamorelin also is much better in people over the age of 60. Tesamorelin has been shown to be useful in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. It can help improve growth hormone levels. It takes roughly 3 weeks to see peak clinical benefit. It can reach maximum insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels in 2 weeks.

Ipamorelin is a growth hormone releasing peptide. The combination of a growth hormone releasing peptide and growth hormone releasing hormone creates a synergistic effect that is about 7X more effective than using either alone.

Utilizing Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin on a daily basis 6 days a week can pulse the growth hormone that is being released from the pituitary.

What should you expect from Tesamorelin/Ipamorelin
The first thing that is typically seen is an increase in deep sleep. People report feeling more rested. The next thing that is noticed is an increase in cognition. Memory improves as well as overall mood. After about 4-6 weeks, body composition changes are seen. A decrease in fat and an increase in lean muscle are seen quicker on this peptide combination than with the other growth hormone releasing hormones and growth hormone releasing peptides

-       Abdominal fat loss
-       Increased lean muscle mass
-       Decreased fat around muscles
-       Liver
-       Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
-       Heart
-       Reduces triglycerides
-       Raises IGF-1 levels
-       Reduces Triglycerides
-       Reduces Visceral Adipose Tissue
-       Reduces Carotid Intima Media Size
-       Improves cognition in people over 60 years of age
-       Promotes deep sleep
-       Bone density
-       Immune function
-       Sexual function
-       Mood
-       Memory
-       Cognition
-       Cardiovascular capacity
-       Endurance
-       Energy
-       Exercise capacity
-       Glucose utilization
-       Recovery
-       Wound healing
-       Heart protection
-       Stops telomere shortening
-       Activates stem cells
-       Neuronal repair
-       Works synergistically with hormone replacement therapy
-       COPD
-       CVD
-       Chronic renal failure
-       Chronic respiratory disease

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